Politicians Sponsoring Terrorism in Masaka Named as The Bijjambiya Pigs Confess


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Preliminary findings from the ongoing investigations indicate that the criminals behind the spate of killings attacks in Masaka City and Lwengo Districts are being used by ego centric criminal opposition politicians to create fear and panic within the population.

Gangs who are connected to the killing of about 26 people using machetes, clubs and other blunt objects have been identified as Kawalya Yazid, Sserwadda Mike, Muwonge Jude, Kibedi Yowana, Nakakawa Sylvia and Jjemba Francis, whose leaders are funded generously by the rich politicians.

Police says that the group is part of the wider criminal gang, which formed the first cell based in Kimanya-Kabonero division in Masaka city with an ultimate aim of causing regime change.

Reportsย  indicate that these loose criminal outfits gained notoriety after their involvement in the 2021 election violence and has since become a more formidable terror gang of criminalforce, a development that has triggeredย  public concern about rates of criminality in major urban areas in the Country.

At the beginning of last year, some high-ranking opposition politicians while campaigning talked about their โ€˜Plan Bโ€™ Intensions of capturing power.

Against this backdrop, they attempted to circulate threatening messages like โ€˜TajjaKulayiraโ€™, โ€˜We are removing a Dictator M7โ€™,โ€˜ Museveni must goโ€™ among others without clearly showing Ugandans how they wanted to topple Government.

Besides, these illegal cells have since gained legitimacy by recruiting goons who are used to attack the old women who are presumed to be NRM loyalists in communities during and in the aftermath elections.

The current killings wave is also linked to the infamous murders of women in Masaka, Nansana and Entebbe in Wakiso districts that occurred after the 2016 elections where bodies would be found dumped in several localities with the victims severely mutilated and their bodies burnt.

The pattern, which also involved kidnappings for ransom, centered around Kampala, Wakiso, Masaka and Mukono districts before it was contained by the Security.

Apparently, this is in tandem with the interests of anti-NRM actors whose plan is to make the public lose confidence in the ability of the NRM to safeguard its people while also sending a message that if they rise up, they can overwhelm the โ€œweakโ€ system.

The thinking is that a reoccurrence of the same tragic incidents of 2016 riding on the political discontent is very likely since the opposition is bent on implementing a violent โ€œPlan Bโ€.

The good news is that the Joint Security forces are already acting to speed and have arrested the apprehenders and their wellย  articulated sponsor outfits.

The Police calls upon the public to be vigilant in the fight against terrorism and urges them to report suspected criminals.


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