Political Saboteurs Want to Jeopardize Uganda’s Fishing Sector


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I read with extreme astonishment from a section of Ugandan media houses carried several news articles bashing government for proposing to restrict Nile perch fish local consumption and prioritize it for species for exports.

This wild claim stemmed from the proposal presented to Parliament Agriculture committee by the Uganda Fish Processors and Exporters Association unfortunately as usual, our media attributed it to government.

The proposal indeed caused endless uproar and debate that saw government prominently faulted for what it had no idea about.

I consistently kept questioning myself as to how, where and when government got into this.It was openly presented by the fish exporters to the parliamentary committee as a proposal.

Members of the Fisheries Association Displaying Nile perch maw to the Parliamentary committee of Agriculture recently

As if this was not enough, I read with complete disappointment from the Sunday Monitor of October 31, 2021,  an article authored by a seemingly wise writer, Alan Tacca laboring to demonize government, specifically President Museveni.

I wasn’t bothered by this article because it was published with intent to smear the government with mud. In fact, some advanced a sectarian idea that the government was proposing the ban of Nile perch for local consumption because the Banyankole after all do not eat fish.

Since Tacca focused on attacking the person of the President, I realized the need to positively polish up his wanting knowledge regarding how government works, laws are enacted by parliament that regulate public activities including that of the fishing sector.

Tacca directly narrowed his direct attack and blamed President Museveni for not eating fish. Welcome to Uganda where you can be blamed for not eating a particular food, are you his chefs to begin with?

For any average Ugandan with ability to either listen, watch or read any news article and comprehend, this particular misleading content should have been trashed due to its wanting credibility. Thanks in advance to Sunday Monitor for doing their due diligence in the next editions.

Thanks God, Honorable Minister of state for Fisheries, Helen Adoa for clarifying the sabotaging content that went past the objective gate of Sunday Monitor Editors.

“Government never presented any proposal.This was a suggestion from Uganda Fish Exporters. Nile perch local consumption will not be banned,” she said.

According to her, Uganda aims to have Nile Perch local consumption rising to 80% and export 20% by 2030. Currently, the local consumption of Nile Perch stands at 72% and 28% export.

Why would the government of Uganda that prioritizes nutrition of citizens want to completely ban Nile perch domestic consumption?

It is unbelievable that people still have a myopic thinking, where they want to trivialize every issue in our society, while others have turned it into a daily job to blackmail government with intent to sabotage our economy without being challenged.

Unfortunately, a section of Ugandans may still complain about the 20% export yet they are the same group often attacking government for failing to ensure steady economic growth.

Like any other country around the world, government would want to promote considerable export growth to maintain stable economy including raising foreign exchange into the country.

I urge that we deeply understand the facts before pointing fingers. Let us stop tribalism and sectarianism in our country.

Uganda is a home to us all!




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