Political Opportunists Asking Boda Boda Riders to Riot Must Be Shunned


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My reference is made in relation to some unfortunate social media audios and videos by some unscrupulous politicians trying to hood wink and calling upon the Boda Boda operators in Kampala metropolitan to launch demonstrations.

The demonstration, according to the agitators, is aimed at the disruption of government systems as a means to express their dissatisfaction to the government for keeping them in curfew despite full re-opening of the economy.

This is also aimed at causing acts of disorder, lawlessness and mayhem in Kampala because political opportunists behind this believe that it is only through forceful means that political change and relevance, can take place.

According to one audio circulating on the social media, a one Tonny Luboowa also known as Mwajje, a resident of Lungujja in Rubaga Division is heading the mobilization of calling upon all bodaboda riders to demonstrate, which is an act of ignorance to me. It is not only through violence that matters can be solved.

Lubowa expressed interest to stand for president in the 2021 elections but as God may have it, he never made it through. For such a man to call for such demonstration as a means to solve a problem amidst the Covid-19 is pure insensitivity.

This development comes at a time when the economy has fully re-opened, and many sectors trying to get back on track. Our country has now spent about 13 months without any violent protests and demonstrations.

The issue of boda bodas is about security and not related to politics. This is because of wrong elements who hide in the business to commit serious crimes under the cover of darkness.

For example with the increased number of boda boda motor cyclists in Kampala, security has been observing so many criminal gangs who infiltrate the business as riders.

Since last year, there has been increased cases of aggravated robberies perpetuated mostly by boda boda riders in broad day light.

These organized criminal gangs of boda bodas normally operate in groups of eight and have been targeting business community who carry large sums of money without security. They attack those coming from banks, forex bureaus, and mobile money centers whom they hit to injure and take off with their money.

Criminals use boda bodas to stage broad daylight robberies.

It’s clear to me Lubowa is an opportunist that takes advantage of the situation for personal gain and not for the good of the majority.

This is how many innocent lives have been caught by the law in the name of demonstrations coming from opportunists who lack any sense of maturity and direction.

The President recently announced that the Boda Boda issue is undergoing review and therefore they will soon come out with a solution.

The leadership of the Joint security agencies are reviewing the movement of bodaboda during curfew and will forward the outcomes to the president for more guidance on the full range of enforcement measures and how they will implement them.

This is to call on the leadership of various boda boda associations in the Kampala Metropolitan to reorganize themselves, eliminate wrong elements in the fraternity and stop being used by politicians for their own safety as well as country’s security.

To the public, especially the private and business sector, education sector and the transport sectors should be reassured that security forces shall not allow any act that are in breach of the prevailing peace and security, in the country to occur.


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