Police releases CCTV footage of Gen Katumba suspected attackers


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As investigations into the shooting begin, Police have released CCTV footage showing the suspected gunmen who attacked former Works and Transport Minister, Gen Edward Katumba Wamala’s vehicle.

The former Chief of Defence Forces in the UPDF was attacked by assailants riding on two motorcycles who sprayed his vehicle with bullets killing his daughter and driver instantly.

Police have released a video got from CCTV cameras from a nearby building and others in different places depicting the suspected attackers moving by two motorcycles.

They are captured by the camera at the Kikaya Bukoto flyover, a fixed camera at Kira road and another one at Bukoto.

President Museveni on Tuesday afternoon said security has clues to the gunmen, adding that they will be brought to book.

β€œThe pigs who do not value life shot at Gen. Katumba, killed his daughter and driver and injured him. We shall defeat the criminals as we did in the past. We already have clues to those killers,” Museveni said.

The deputy Inspector General of Police, Maj Gen Paul Lokech said the assailants trailed Gen Katumba Wamala’s vehicle for a distance of four Kilometres from his home in Najjeera before opening fire along Kisota- Kulambiro road.


The assailants who were four in number were riding on two motorcycles with concealed number plates, pulled up next to Gen Katumba Wamala’s car and shot several bullets that instantly killed Nantongo Brenda his daughter and Haruna Kayondo his driver.

The incident has left so many natives scared and demanding that reports on this kind of organized crime should be released after serious investigations.

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