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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Police Orders PSOs to Pay NSSF for Private Guards

The Uganda Police Force (UPF) through its department of private security organisations (PSOs) and private firearms has ordered private security companies to remit National Social Security Fund (NSSF) contributions for their guards.

The commissioner in charge of PSOs Charles Ssebambulidde, said that presenting proof of NSSF remissions for all their guards will be the surest way that the companies are paying their wages properly and in accordance with the laws of Uganda.

Irregularity in paying the guards is recognised as a major cause of insecurity and robberies, since hungry guards who are armed are very dangerous.

“Although there are no official complaints of non-payment of security guards that have officially been brought to our attention, the force has been resolved that all companies must present proof of compliance with NSSF at the time of seeking renewal of operational license,’’ Ssebambulidde said.

Ssebambulidde explained that no PSO will be allowed to continue to operate without documents showing monthly remuneration of NSSF from the time the license was acquired or last renewed.

“Police believes that remitting of NSSF is the only proof that the companies have been paying or not paying their staff,” he continued.

Other than proof of NSSF payments, PSOs seeking renewal of their licenses must have a bank statement, latest certificates of good conduct and valid work permit for foreign staff.

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