Police Officer Wanted for Murder of Civilian in Alebtong


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The Alebtong District Police have launched a manhunt for ASP Moses Acaye following the murder of Simon Omona, a 24-year-old resident of Lulayi village.

In a statement issued on February 26, 2024, SCP Fred Enanga, the Police Spokesperson, revealed details about the crime committed by Acaye. The incident took place on February 20, 2024, at approximately 11:00 am.

The motive behind the heinous act appears to be a revenge killing, as Acaye sought retribution for the murder of his brother, Opio Emmanuel, who was killed by a mob. Evidently consumed by grief and a desire for justice, Acaye left his post as the OC of Alebtong station, armed with a pistol, to pursue the investigation into his brother’s death.

According to Enanga, Acaye informed Appa Police Station of his presence on February 20, 2024, and intended to track down the suspects involved in his brother’s murder. However, instead of following proper procedures, he resorted to violence, drawing his pistol and shooting at Simon Omona upon reaching the trading center.

“Upon reaching the trading center, he drew his pistol and shot at the victim, who was rushed to a nearby clinic, where he died,” Enanga added.

Enanga added that Four days after the incident, on February 24, 2024, Acaye appeared at Lacor Hospital Police Post, where he handed over the murder weapon for safekeeping. After relinquishing the firearm, the officer disappeared, intensifying the hunt for his capture.

According to the Annual Police Report 2023, 794 cases were investigated out of the 933 cases that were registered by the public against police officers who violated human rights.

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