Police Destroys Illegal Military, Police Attire


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The Directorate of Criminal Investigation has destroyed all military and police attire that was collected from suspected criminals and some civilians who voluntarily handed it over to police.

The illegal attire included military uniforms and boots, among others, that were destroyed over the weekend at the Kiteezi dumping site.

SCP Fred Enanga, the Police Spokesperson, revealed that the operation followed incidents of aggravated robbery, kidnapping, illegal roadblocks at night, and house breakings, among others, that were becoming rampant last year, in which the perpetrators were reportedly putting on attire that resembled military or police uniforms.

Police confirmed that last year, a total of 1,865 pieces of military paraphernalia that were in the hands of civilians had been voluntarily returned in a period of three weeks in Kampala.

According to Enanga, members of the public must desist from buying and acquiring illegal apparel, as their possession promotes insecurity and is illegal.

Police also urged the public to report any illegal possession of such items to police and other sister security agencies for immediate repossession.

In December 2022, the police were paying Ugx10,000 for each piece of clothing to every individual that voluntarily returned it.

Section 170(2) of the Penal Code Act says that any person who, without the authority of the persons upon whose application an order under this section has been made, uses or wears any uniform, badge, button, or other distinctive mark described in the order, or any uniform, badge, button, or other distinctive mark so closely resembling the same as to lead to the belief that it is a uniform, badge, button, or another distinctive mark so described, commits a misdemeanor.

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