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Plight of Eriterian Footballers Testament to Uganda’s Political Stability.

The just concluded 2019 edition of the Cecafa senior challenge cup highlighted Uganda’s dominance of the regions Football. This in itself speaks volumes of the gains the government has made in sports over the last few years.

The tournament has also inadevantetly highlighted Uganda’s gains in political and security stability. The finalists in this years tournament were Eritrea, the horn of Africa state who made it to this stage for the first time in their history.

However, at the end of the tournament, a section of the football stars from that side didn’t return home with the rest and chose to seek asylum in Uganda.

Uganda already boasts of the largest refugee population in Africa with over a million refugees currently hosted in a number of refugee camps and settlements.

That a section of young people with large aspirations can look up to Uganda as a safe place to pursue their dreams speaks volumes of the climate created by the NRM government.

It is at this point that it gives me so much pain that a section of Ugandans in the opposition seek to destroy this sanctity.

Activists in people power and FDC have vowed to make Uganda ungovernable so as to enable them take power.

One would wonder, why do they desperately have to destroy what many seek to merely satisfy their selfish needs.
Uganda has been stable for now over three decades and has this made us an enviable destination for many oppressed people in the region.

The onus is therefore upon us to jealously guard our country and maintain the standards that others can aspire to achieve.

Selfish leaders should be rejected together with their imperialist fingers who do not wish to see successful African stories.

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