Philip Matogo Has Eyes But Cannot See, Can Only Narrate Enturire Stories


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Landing on Philip Matogo’s article on 30th/01/2022, I started imagining how the next generation will be as the aged and educated people like Matogo cannot see, speak the truth to direct the young generation on the right path.

In his article, Matogo compared Amin’s rule to that of President Museveni basing on the narratives of his mother. It is unfortunate that in the real world we cannot base on other peoples narratives to establish the truth since a narrative is a story that may or may not be materially true. I think Matogo would much rather be morally right than politically correct.

It was after reading his article that I now believe that the propagandists’ purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human. As it has been, Matogo was seeking cheap popularity and public attention through smear campaign.

Following Kakwenza’s issue, it was put forward by, Crimes Investigations Division spokesperson, Charles Twine Mansio that on several occasions, Kakwenza, 33 used his social media platforms to make posts that were belittling, abusive, and personal to the two members of the first family.

The abusive words used in kakwenza’s tweets were a potential threat to the rights of the first family. It is constitutional to exercise your rights but rights have limitations and when enjoying rights you should ensure that those for others are observed. It was on such justifications that Kakwenzi had to face charges of offensive communication and was later arraigned in court.

It was disappointing not only to me but also to the age mates of Matogo like my uncle who analyzed a factual difference between Amin’s regime and the current regime.

According to the words of my uncle, Idi Amin led a disgruntled section of the army to overthrow Obote on 25th January 1971.

This coup was met with great jubilation but was to begin an era of terror and enormous tribulation for the people of Uganda. This dark period would last 8 long years. It was also during this period that all Asians, mainly Indians, were expelled from Uganda.

As a result, the economy of Uganda suffered tremendously. The fiscal mismanagement and insecurity that followed didn’t help the situation.

It was on such a horrifying background that a young nationalist under NRA whose focus was to develop the nation mobilized the locals to engage in the struggle to put the acute misery and suffering of the people of Uganda at bay.

Since NRM’s existence in power, there is a notable change in the political, social, and economic spheres of the country to which Matogo is blind hence has his eyes cannot see and his ears cannot hear. Matogo dwells in a rebellious house.


Steve Mungereza
Steve Mungereza
Sociopolitical Analyst. Coverage of National and Regional news stories.

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