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People Power offices in Kamwokya turn into sex traps following silent sex scandals going on

The People Power movement is being raveled down by sex pests who use it as a form of contract to promise big positions to beautiful women in the movement.

In a very sensational ordeal written by Arao Ameny the coordinator of People Power in USA, disturbing facts about sexual abuse and violence were revealed about leaders of the Kamwokya People power commanders.

In the article written and published on many media platforms cites an incident where two young ladies accuse leaders of people power of sexually abusing them.

“The two ladies both have Muslim names. One of them onetime leaked some of the info to one Diaspora coordinator claiming the legendary sex-pest had rented for her an apartment where he dumped her without any furniture. She took photos of the empty house, where she was sleeping on the floor, and pleaded with the sympathetic diaspora coordinator to raise for her some dollars to buy at least a cheap bed from Bwaise. She had been sending many WhatsApp messages to the sexpest wondering which type of man are you that can’t take your wife for shopping. These messages came to the attention of the official wife who confronted him and threatened to leave only to reverse her decision after Kyagulanyi’s sister called Cathy Namuleme (aka Senga) intervened.” The paragraph in the article read.

The story goes on and on revealing the tactics which the sex pests in the Kyagulangyi campuses. One of the outstanding tactics is promising heaven and earth in line of making the ladies great by giving them superior positions in the People power. After they are fully confused in that dream, the pests rent empty apartments for the babes as a sign to show them seriousness. In the meantime, they are sexually using them from hotels and other furnished residences. After that pleasure phase, the poor girls are abandoned with empty apartments leaving them in tears, shame and deep wrangles with their oppressors’ wives.

There is also another sex scandal involving a top official (originally from DP bloc) who attempted to rape a patient at a private clinic/hospital in Kyengera owned by a strong NUP sympathizer. The gentleman rang the owner saying “Comrade I’m from Greater Mpigi doing candidates’ identification work for the party but I have to travel back tomorrow because I haven’t completed the work yet the money I was given from the Secretariat in Kamwokya wasn’t enough.” The owner allowed him space to sleep at his hospital because it had some beds (this was during the first 7 pm to 6 am Gen Museveni had initially imposed). Deep into the night, the bulky official suddenly woke up and began knocking on patients’ rooms claiming to be a medical attendant coming to check on them. Once the door was opened, he attempted to rape a patient who he realized was alone in the room. The patient made an alarm waking up other patients. She became so furious and threatened to sue the hospital prompting the owner to plead for an out of court settlement.

A section of public are furious about the unveiling events while others are laughing hilariously saying that, that is expected from weed addicts and former criminals whose crimes have never been mitigated.



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