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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

People Power Continues To Mudsling Uganda

While appearing on Voice of America news interview, former Leader of Opposition Winnie Kizza lamented on the state of “hopelessness” in the opposition for the groups’ inability to unite.

Kizza is the Woman Member of Parliament for Kasese and former member of forum for democratic change who was ousted unceremoniously from the party due to internal struggle.

Kizza now identifies with the people power group, which the government has recently produced evidence showing that the group is linked to the recent spite of violent crimes.

The former leader of opposition also tried to use the opportunity to blame the government for poor performance by not tabling electoral reforms.

However the host duly asked her why she was unable to influence legislature during her time as leader of opposition.

The opposition especially people power is currently running an international media campaign to discredit the country and make it undesirable for foreign investment.

For example when given the chance to introduce herself, Kizza quickly shifted to the view that Uganda is currently lawless and citizens sleep without the assurance of waking up the following day.

This is very wrong not only factually but also morally. The people power group believe that the only way to get into power is to make the Uganda economy to collapse and lead to civil unrest.

The group has also used false campaigns like encouraging people to register for national identity cards to participate in elections. This is merely a cover to make people believe that they are interested in democratic governance process.

The recent press conference by their women’s league was also a sham attempt at displaying gender balance in the group. But it is clear that this is also another façade. The people power group has no single woman on their sham cabinet.

This group needs to be shunned and exposed for what they truly are. They pose a threat to security of this country through global image sabotage.

Steve Mungereza
Steve Mungereza
Sociopolitical Analyst. Coverage of National and Regional news stories.

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