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PDM receives huge backing from Opposition leaders

In the past, most opposition leaders were  known for frustrating many government programs and initiatives.  

Programs like Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) with over 300 branches has positively impacted the lives of over 58600 farmers and completed over 8750 projects.  

Even with these success stories,OWC suffered huge set back courtesy of selfish opposition politicians who demobilized community against the  program. 

To date, this is not the case with the recently rolled out Parish Development Model. PDM has received overwhelming support from all the political leaders including opposition . 

Nobert Mao, the DP President General appeared on about three different radio stations across Lango and Acholi sub regions to mobilise communities to embrace PDM. 

In Lango, DP Mao appeared on Radio QFM 94.3 in Lira City for about two hours mobilizing people of Lango to welcome PDM and use it to boost house hold wealth. 

Jinja City Mayor, Peter Okocha Kasolo-NUP has maintained commitment to continue mobilizing for PDM. Okocha rallied other opposition  colleagues to ensure the program successfully  implemented. 

“NUP supporters and members holding elective positions must demonstrate total support by rallying their people to embrace government programs like PDM,”Okocha said. 

Recently while sensitizating locals on PDM in Kampala,  Prime Minister Robina Nabanjja commended the efforts of  Butambala’s woman MP Aisha Kabanda and Muwanga Kivumbi (both NUP) for embracing the program.  

In Teso , FDC’s  Soroti Woman MP Anna Adeke, expressed optimism about the success of Parish Development Model, unlike other government programs that were implemented previously.

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