PDM Funds an Opportunity for Investment, Not a Presidential Reward—Sebei Region Beneficiaries


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Just like in any classroom, some grasp concepts easily, while others need more explanation. The Parish Development Model (PDM) is a government initiative that some might find confusing. The people of Sebei Region (Kapchorwa, Kween, and Bukwo districts) are making the most of it.


They have understood that the PDM program isn’t a handout but a strategic initiative to get them out of poverty right at the parish level, which is the lowest economic planning unit, by coordinating public and private efforts to create wealth and jobs.

Mohammed Cheptyony from Kwobus village in Binyiny town council, Kween district, said, “It is sad that some see the PDM funds as a presidential gift, but I see this as an investment opportunity.”

Cheptyony added that he hasn’t just benefited by buying a cow but uses the cow dung to create manure for his banana plantation, which has seen an increase in his yield, both quality and quantity.

“I am planning to also use cow dung for biogas production, which I will use for cooking and electricity generation to save on costs,” he added.

Stephen Labu from Kween district said that he used the PDM funds to start a goat farm. With his current herd of eight goats, he’s confident his daughters’ education is secure. He plans to sell some goats as the herd grows, ensuring his daughters can continue their education.

Betty Chepkwemoi of Koipei village, Matimbei parish, Bukwo district, is another inspiring example of a woman empowered by the government’s PDM initiative. Utilizing her existing land, she strategically invested her PDM funds in planting onions. This investment shows promise, with an anticipated harvest exceeding Ugx 30 million in July 2024.

With the PDM as a catalyst, the Sebei region’s legacy as a food basket is assured. As Sebei’s farmers embrace the PDM’s opportunities, their hard work, dedication, and the region’s rich soil promise a future with food security not just for Uganda but for neighboring countries as well.

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