Pastor Kabuleta Turned Doomsayer Wrong Again On 3rd Lock down “Prophesy”


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I have read and watched discussions with concern about some unscrupulous people accusing the President and the cabinet of allegedly manufacturing covid-19 statistics in order to scare Ugandans for the benefit of the government.

One of them is a former presidential hopeful Joseph Kabuleta who maliciously claims that the media has also been bribed to start reporting about increase in COVID numbers ahead of the alleged declaration of more 21 days of 3rd lockdown by the president.

If people like Kabuleta were good at keeping track, they would recognize and appreciate the fact that the decisions and strategies employed by the President and the Ministry of Health especially the lockdowns, saw the cases in Uganda drop drastically. The Hospitals were depopulated with the Covid 19 cases in record time.

Marketing experts say that the best way to market yourself is not by hitting your competitor. Focus on getting your best ideas out instead of focusing on what your opponent is not doing right.

Kabuleta and his cheerleaders should provide alternative strategies instead of misinforming Ugandans with their propaganda against the Ministry strategies currently in place to protect Ugandans.

President Museveni does not benefit from the lockdowns or any of the standard operating procedures in place to stop Covid spread- It instead causes economic losses to the country. As a leader, it should be a hard decision for him to choose people over money.

Kabuleta’s rage is affecting him not to understand how Governments operate.

Anyway, I won’t blame him – he hasn’t run a government before. For someone who fails to run his home of few people because of differences with his wife cannot manage a country with much bigger problems that need sober mind with strategic leadership skills.

In 2013 Kabuleta divorced his wife apparently due to irreconcilable differences after he was accused of being a woman battler and juggling his wife with several women. Definitely, such a person can’t put up with the pressures of running a country of 42 million people.

According to a report by Price Water Coopers, the Covid pandemic which has caused 2 lockdowns, has affected the different sectors if not all the sectors in Uganda.

The Tourism Sector which is the number source of foreign exchange in Uganda has been affected both locally and internationally. We have experienced the suspension of several flights inbound and outbound for different countries even in the last few days.

Tourism constitutes 7.7 percent of the country’s GDP and provides employment to over 700,000 people. This too has majorly been affected by the “social distancing” policy that WHO advised all countries to embrace.

Joseph Kabuleta a former sports analyst-turned-doomsayer should not think that running a country is like juggling women like he did leading to failed marriages.

Even with the economic losses and other COVID 19 impacts on the country, Uganda’s leadership’s immediate priority is to save lives by putting place measures to limit the spread of Covid-19.

The president is currently leading a campaign of rallying Ugandans to massively vaccinate against COVID 19 as a matter of urgency as it is the only way to safeguard themselves from the adverse effects of the virus.

He has also been clear on fully reopening the economy come January next year under strict observance of the standard operating procedures whether people are vaccinated or not.


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