Part 2: A Journey to New Motherhood; My Son has Changed Me


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Motherhood’s effects on me were and are still very powerful. It has been life-changing in the best ways. The year I gave birth was filled with work, friends, and my fiancé, whom I loved so much. Motherhood changed all that.

It didn’t change in a particular moment, like when I first held my baby boy. There wasn’t any special accomplishment that made me feel like I had the world in my hands. It has been a compilation of many moments of being a mother.

As a mother, I have grown into my role and learned with my child. My love for my son is like no other because he is part of my soul. Each of his milestones shapes me.

For me, breastfeeding and being the sole provider of nourishment built a sense of awe and belief in myself that is not easily put into words. With those infant smiles, toddler hugs, and warm nuzzles around my neck, the spark inside me grows.

From playing ABCs to bigger conversations about his new friends at school and other games. It feels as if my world is expanding through the eyes of my child, and I am experiencing the wonders of being a kid again.

Motherhood has helped me find myself, and more importantly, I have begun seeing myself in a refreshing new light. Really, it is more of a feeling, and it is delicate but empowering. I noticed myself feeling less dependent on others to feel happy, capable, or complete. Because of my child, I understand not only what I have to offer but also who I truly am.

Fast forward some years and countless, priceless memories later. My son is now in kindergarten, and he continues to fuel this journey of finding myself.

Motherhood is forever, and it doesn’t stop at a certain age or stage. It evolves and grows. Facing the growth of my child forced me to look deep within myself and explore the next steps on my path. I have been my baby’s mommy, and that baby is mine. And there is nothing I love more. Motherhood has grown me in ways I never imagined. I’ve been pushed further than I ever thought possible and celebrated things I never knew would make me happy, but my son is my inspiration for all that I do.

Before becoming one, the title Mummy did not seem super desirable. But once I had him, I could not think of a title I loved more. And I cannot thank God enough for the privilege or for the craziness that arises on this journey through motherhood. Because if there were no crazy, there would be no them.

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