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Parliament designates members to standing committees

Plenary Uganda has moved to designate members to standing committees; Govt. Chief Whip, Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa; Ibrahim Ssemuju (Opposition/FDC), Andrew Baryayanga (Ind.) and Hon. Everlyne Asiimwe (UPDF) designate members to the committees; The standing committees will last two and half years.

In the selection of members of standing committees, parties designate through their Whips, membership to committees on the basis of party representation in the House; overall membership of committees reflects proportional membership in the House.

Independent Members apply to the Clerk to join Committees of their choice, a wish ensured by the Speaker. The party in government designates the Chair and Vice Chair of all Standing Committees, apart from the four accountability committees.

Standing committees to which members are being designated include: the Public Accounts Committees on (Central Govt, Local Govt, COSASE, Govt. Assurances); Rules, Privileges/Discipline; Business; Budget; and National Economy.

Other standing committees are on Appointments; Equal Opportunities; HIV/AIDS and Related Matters; Science/Technology; and Human Rights.

The other committees in Parliament are sectoral committees, lasting a session/year (from June to May) and mandated with overseeing government ministries and departments.

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