Parish Development Model To Deliver Economic Transformation For Uganda


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Recently in a discussion I had with a friend while discussing the effects of covid-19 on the Ugandan economy especially in 2022, we discovered that the Small-scale entrepreneurs in Uganda hold the economic power for this country.

When asked why, he broke down for me an example of the Rolex industry and the impact it has on others businesses in the country. During the country’s total lockdown in March 2021 which ended in August 2020, the Rolex stalls were closed and this affected the demand and supply of eggs, cooking oil, and baking flour.

A tray of eggs dropped from 12,000 Uganda shillings to 6,000 Uganda shillings. Some farmers complained that eggs were getting rotten and thank God it was the President who opened famers’ eyes and challenged them to start adding value to the eggs instead of having them put to waste.

Why am I talking about this?, in a tribute to former late Governor bank of Uganda Prof Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile by Hon Mathias Mpuuga, despite the fact that the communication was brought out at the wrong time, he expressed his disappointment to the leaders that are selling the Parish Development Model as a miracle economic transformational tool that will uplift the poor citizens from poverty to prosperity.

Allow me to take this opportunity to let the good Honorable know that there is always a start.

Many projects have been done in the past to eradicate poverty which includes; Entandikwa scheme, Boona Bagagawale (prosperity for all), Operation Wealth Creation, Youth Livelihood Programme, Uganda Women Empowerment Programme and now Emyooga were designed, adopted, and implemented by the government before.Β These changed people’s lives whether the opposition wants to see it or not. Like they say half a loaf is better than none.

My grand-mother in the village who takes care of 10 grandchildren was able to utilize the support and knowledge given by Operation Wealth Creation and her household increased from 1000 per day and living on handouts to at least earning from her products 2,000,000/= per month. This is not a mean achievement. Thankfully her grandchildren can now go to school.

Beyond my grandmother, Operation Wealth Creation till date they have supported over 58600 farmers, completed 8750 projects, opened up 300 branches to support the different districts. These are supported by cover 2250 Operation Wealth Creation Experts.

Β The PDM has also been adopted to help Ugandans from poverty to prosperity. It is also important for people like Mpuuga to know that the definition of prosperity differs from person to person. If I have been doing nothing and you start for me a business of shs 2 million, that is progress and this person has the potential with good support through training to increase and multiply it.

The PDM targets to ensure service delivery by the Government of Uganda for improving the incomes and welfare of all Ugandans at the household level.

The PDM inspires the spirit of harmonization of government interventions with every MDAs focusing on; delivering services closer to the people, and measurable results at the Parish level in order to ensure the transformation of the subsistence households into the money economy. This transformation requires organized, integrated, well-coordinated, and results-based efforts.

I urge Ugandans to support the Parish Development Model because this benefits us and our families. It benefits our Nation and will improve the economy.


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