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Panga-welding Assailants Resort to Attacking Traffic Police Officers

Panga-welding attackers have shifted from attacking locals and resorted to attacking traffic Police officers on highways.

On the evening of 26th July 2022, security in Mbale City intercepted a panga-wielding suspect after missing a traffic police officer’s head at a checkpoint on Mbale-Tirinyi highway. 

According to eye witnesses, the attack happened at around 5:00pm at Sino Uganda Mbale industrial Park police Checkpoint in Doko Ward 5km from Mbale City, where the assailants riding a motorcycle attacked three Police officers.

“They were two men and one of them jumped off the motorcycle and swung a machete at one of the officers, the other officers stopped him,” a witness stated.

According to Denis Pahani, the DPC Industrial City Division, the suspected criminals were targeting Sgt Grace Ilumu, the in-charge of Industrial City Division Central Police Station.

Pahani said that Ilumu was saved by her two colleagues who wrestled with the assailant until they disarmed him and were able to arrest him and took him to Mbale Industrial City Division Central Police Station as investigations continue.

“The assailants were two so when one started swinging the machete, the two officers came in and disarmed him leaving the other suspect to flee towards the sides of Mbale City during the scuffle,” officer Pahani said.      

This is the second attack on traffic Police officers along the highways, in a period of less than two days. The first one happened in Luwero on 25th July 2022 where one officer was killed while the other was severely injured.

The motive of these assailants is yet to be established by Security agencies.   

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