OPM Condemns Decision to Disqualify Low Scoring S.3 Students


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The Prime Minister’s Office has ruled that it is illegal for schools to disqualify senior three students who received low marks in end-of-year exams.

In a message sent on Monday, Julius Mucunguzi, the head of communications in the Office of the Prime Minister, reported that some schools have disqualified senior three students who scored low marks from being promoted to S.4 for possible UCE registration.

According to Mucunguzi, most schools these days are only after good UNEB grades, and as a result, they end up victimizing learners, a move that inflicts trauma on students.

“The move by some secondary schools to push out S.3 students to look for places elsewhere under the guise of having failed to score pass marks when the real reason is not wanting low grade performance at S.4 to affect their national rankings is most absurd,” said Julius Mucunguzi, the head of communications in the office of the Prime Minister.

Mucunguzi went on to condemn the practice, claiming that it adds to the trauma of the affected learner, who have been forced to relocate to another school for S.4 and register for UCE (UNEB) after failing to meet the required pass marks.

According to Mucunguzi, such schools only focus on scoring good UNEB grades with the intent to depict a good image, a move that prompts them to disqualify learners who score low grades from being allowed to register for UCE or UACE in their schools.




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