OPINION: How Bobi Wine’s Gay Funders Gave Him False Hope on the Arrest of President Museveni


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Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has suffered a big betrayal from his gay funders as they didn’t fulfil their assurances that President Museveni will be arrested outside Uganda.

According to Hon. Micheal Kakembo the Entebbe Municipality MP, his party President Bobi wine, was very sure President Museveni would be arrested on sight if he ever set foot in any of the western countries basing on the assurances he had been given by some gay diplomats in foreign missions accredited to Uganda and those working back home.

However, to the red camp’s disappointment, President Museveni and his entire delegation were given the warmest of welcomes when he visited the US and UK. Furthermore, H.E Museveni was accorded a colorful state dinner in the white house and spent an entire week in those countries  without a slight inconvenience like Bobi Wine had promised his supporters.

“Principal suffered a low-blow, the old man was welcomed and hosted like a king, it gave a bitter taste to our man’s mouth, who had no choice but to sneak out with his family to Seychelles to relax and rethink things through,” said Kakembo.

According to sources close to him, before taking up politics, Bobi wine was a very strong fighter and hater of homosexuality and even used his music to discourage such manners by calling out to society to “ban the butts” referring to the gay community.

“Fire will burn the butty man. Burn all the butty man. All Ugandans get behind me and fight the butty man,” sings Bobi Wine.

Bobi Wine also supported the Uganda Anti- Homosexuality Act 2014 introduced by Ndorwa West MP Hon Bahati David.

However, according to a source, once Bobi wine got into politics his attitude towards the gay community changed drastically, because majority of his funders were gay and some are staunch supporters.

“The gays holding diplomatic passports and holding key positions in Kampala have been helping Bobi Wine get visas in the shortest time possible to help him travel and meet his rich gay funders in foreign capitals,” said the source.

“These gay diplomats also fund his media presence all over the world by making sure that they circulate his media interviews back in their home countries to make sure he attracts international attention,” the source continued.

According to Political analysts, Bobi Wine is yet to learn the geopolitical landscape of the world and still has a long way to go in international relations.

“If he can believe that Museveni who is an ally of America and England will be arrested then I feel so sorry for him and his supporters,” a political analyst stated.

Bobi Wine has once again been let down by his funders while they advanced their agenda for supporting and spreading homosexuality in Uganda.



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