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Opinion: Effects of “Tikinga Manvuli” in parliament as Masaka Woman MP makes maiden submission

Hon. Joan Namutaawe Woman Member of Parliament Masaka left fellow legislators in stitches as she struggled to read and articulate herself in English, over a motion she was presenting on the floor.

Hon. Joan Namutaawe a NUP flag bearer, came into parliament during the National general elections that saw a wave of NUP supporters vote for the party symbol, the umbrella, without considering the candidate’s caliber or manifesto.  

The band wagon effects of “vote the umbrella” that swept across the central region, have over time replicated themselves to public with the latest being Hon. Joan, Masaka Woman Member of Parliament breaking legislator’s ribs after failing to read her own submission to the speaker in what was termed as the maiden speech after close to two years of being in parliament.

Hon. Joan had never spoken nor presented any motion on the floor of parliament. Even when greater Masaka was faced with pressing issues of “Bijambya”, she made no attempt on the floor of parliament to speak up on the matter.

Hon. Joan made her ‘maiden’ speech on the floor of parliament yesterday, which did not go well as she struggled with reading and pronouncing words as she read them from a piece of paper.

Hon. Joan was close to biting her tongue while pronouncing the word recruitment could not come out, encouraged by the calm Hon Deputy Speaker, with a lot of difficult and amidst out bursts of laughter from fellow legislators Hon. Joan finished her submission. 

Continuously, Uganda’s problems have been under control but with the breed of legislators who have no ability to represent the general public’s view the strides of development are being reduced to steps. The opposition wing in the 11th parliament has the worst MPs to have existed in the history of Uganda’s politics.

They have continuously presented themselves as anti-Museveni and in fighting this battle, have forgotten their role to lobby, litigate and influence policy that betters the lives of their electorate.  They are gladly munching on tax payer’s money just like that. However, come 2026 the band wagon effect will not work. As the public, we have learnt the hard way.

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