Of The Invading Journalist Lawrence Kitata and Police Officer Guarding Duty Station Who Attacked the Other?


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Last week, social media was awash with photos of a journalist flying around with claims that he had been assaulted by the security detail of the deputy speaker of parliament Rt Hon Anita Among.

The photos were first posted by a Namuwongo based daily before the wannabe politician turned-social media attention seeker Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine jumped on them cluelessly.

The said Kitata of Vision Group was accompanying National Unity Platform (NUP) fake torture victims allegedly tortured by security operatives.

They were going to demonstrate at the private residence of the deputy speaker in Nakasero.

However, on interception and while being queried why they did not go to her office, the lame threw down their clutches and disappeared like evil spirits.

The said Kitata can be seen holding police officerโ€™s gun muzzle and smiling and even when he was falling.

First of all these people were trying to force their way into a private property with controlled access but expected to be availed free access.

What was that something that Kitata and his group were looking for at the home of Rt Hon Among? Whichever remarks Hon Anita Among made was in parliament and therefore the right place for the so called protestors would be to take their grievances to parliament.

There is no place in this world with controlled access that would allow intruders without appointment to come and just enter, not even the Birmingham palace or White House where these NUP supporters fancy.

If I may ask, who attacked the other between Kitata and the security guard deployed to protect the home of his principal against the uninvited guests?

Was it pre-planned between the media and the police officers on duty?

I could be right, these could be stage-managed incidents paid for by the opposition through some corrupt policemen.

This explains the reasons why some youth can be seen engaging police men and nothing happens to them. Upon sending such pictures to Europe, sympathizers and funders of unrests in Africa / Uganda in particular will bankroll opposition operations.

During the 2021 presidential campaigns while in Kalangala, Robert Kyagulanyi was able to supervise the spearing of a police vehicleโ€™s tyres and nothing happened to him.

The opposition in Uganda has for long time been working with some security elements especially in police to create scenarios that favors their political promotions as parties and individuals.

Money is paid to some commanders in exchange of controlled harassment in stage-managed political scenes. This is what explains the uncalled for actions of police lukewarm actions.

These situations are geared towards creating sympathy towards the purported victims who appear before the electorate as heroes and fighters for the general good of the population.

Some opposition media activists like Kyuma Kya Yesu aka Buganda Ntege of this world have used photos from such incidents to hoodwink gullible whites to earn political asylum and green cards in America.



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