NUP Officials in Mukono Accuse Supporters who Attended Mpuuga’s Ceremony of “Betrayal,” Threaten Violence


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National Unity Platform (NUP) officials in Mukono district have made grave allegations against their own supporters. Accusing them of betrayal, these officials have issued threats of violence following the attendance of several party members at Mathias Mpuuga’s recent Thanksgiving ceremony.

The ceremony, commemorating Mpuuga’s esteemed 13 years in politics, drew a significant gathering of officials from diverse political backgrounds, including government representatives, parliamentarians, opposition figures, and members of various religious denominations. Held at the Kitovu Sports Arena in Masaka City on Friday, June 21, 2024, the event was intended to celebrate Mpuuga’s significant contributions.

The tensions escalated when Fred Kiyimba, a councilor from Mukono Municipality Central Division council, was reportedly assaulted by a faction of NUP leaders in Mukono town council. The attack on Kiyimba occurred at the municipal party offices in Nabuti Zone during a press conference on Saturday, June 22, 2024.


According to sources within the NUP ranks, these officials have been instructed by the party’s Makerere-Kavule headquarters to hand out punishment to party members who attended Mpuuga’s Thanksgiving event. The dissenters alleged that such attendees had betrayed party leader Bobi Wine and were thus deserving of retribution.

Matovu, a diehard of NUP said that corrupt people should not be allowed to talk in public and NUP will not allow corrupt leaders amongst them.

“We are fighting corruption and Kiyimba with Mpuuga are corrupt people who should not be standing in public, they should be in prison,” Matovu said.

Furthermore, these angry NUP members conveyed their intent to resort to violent means to safeguard Bobi Wine’s leadership within the party, voicing a willingness to spill blood if necessary. Councilor Kiyimba shed light on a faction within the Kavule headquarters funneling resources to incite violence among impressionable youths, a strategy that has reportedly materialized in recent attacks.

In a separate incident, individuals believed to be affiliated with NUP Bukoto East MP Evans Kanyike purportedly assaulted Lubega Mukaaku, a prominent figure involved with the organization of Mpuuga’s ceremony. The attack occurred during Mukaaku’s public address in Kyesiiga Sub County, highlighting the escalating tensions within the party’s ranks.

As these internal rifts continue to deepen, the future of the NUP remains uncertain, plagued by internal dissension and threats of violence. The party, once a beacon of hope for change, now finds itself mired in turmoil as its members grapple with loyalty, betrayal, and the specter of division.

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