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The top leadership of the National Unity Platform Party, Robert Kyagulanyi is under fire for openly embracing tribalism and sectarianism.

This stemmed from his statement attacking security operatives for causing the arrest of the Mulago National Referral Hospital Executive Director Dr. Byarugaba Baterana.

Dr. Byarugaba was arrested by the operatives from the State House Health Monitoring Unit after he was accused of alleged abuse of office, embezzlement, and causing financial loss to the government.

In his submission, Bobi awkwardly and unjustifiably cited tribalism and sectarianism in the arrest of Dr. Byarugaba.

“Dr.Namara arrested Dr. Byarugaba, handed him to CID’s Tom M. Rwabudongo as reported by C. Twiine. He was interdicted by Diana Atwiine. He’s replaced by Dr. Byanyima who has been his deputy! They practice open TRIBALISM & when we expose it, they accuse us of the same. Hypocrites!” Bobi Wine posted on his official Twitter handle.

His outburst has since attracted sharp criticisms from various people affiliated with different political backgrounds.

As usual, Norbert Mao, the leader of the Democratic Party was the first to deliver his open-minded attack on Bobi Wine.

Mao asked NUP leader Kaygulanyi to desist from what he termed as cheap talk and concentrate on critical issues affecting the country.

“If we had an official parliamentary opposition worthy of the name, they would be addressing the real issues. Why batter the shadow of the snake? I say “we were conned”! We deserve better!” Mao asserted.

Mao wondered why NUP and its leadership are focused on insults.

“If NUP does not rein in its supporters who abuse & slander anybody who disagrees with them, it should forget State Power!” He noted.

David Kabanda, the Member of Parliament for Kasambya County urged Kyagulanyi to first resolve the issue of tribalism within his NUP party before focusing on other issues.

According to MP Kabanda, President NUP, Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert, Chairman PAC, Medard Lubega Sseggona, LoP, Mathius Mpuuga Nsamba, Commissioner of Parliament Francis Zaake Butebi, Chairman Government Asuarences, Betty Nambooze Bakireke, Chairman COSASE, Joel Ssenyonyi are all from Buganda tribal lineage.

“NUP meetings are conducted in Luganda and minutes are written in Luganda, it’s only when they are going for a press conference that they will include Rubongoya, Katana and Waiswa Mufumbiro to legitimize the Family affair business in the name of a political party,” MP Kabanda noted.

Ruhima Jonah, a good governance activist urged Ugandans to embrace political maturity above tribal sentiment.

“This actually reveals your tribalism because why single out these people in a ministry full of employees from other tribes? If a person is qualified, they shouldn’t be given a job because of their tribe,” Ruhima fired.

Last month, Kyagulanyi was put under sharp attacks from the public over a decision to take his wife, Barbie Kyagulanyi, Brother Nubian Lee during his tour of the European parliament.

Kyagulanyi was also accompanied by the party’s Secretary-General David Lewis Rubongoya however many thought his visit would have made more sense if he flew together with some of the top opposition leaders like the Leader of Opposition Hon Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba to assert more on the issues of bad political atmosphere considering the fact that he is one of the best brains in the party.

To many, Kyagulanyi looked like he had gone on vacation with his family and close friends something that has sent mixed feelings among some of his supporters.

“What had Nubian Li really gone to do at the EU parliament? Was he escorting his friend or has any issues to articulate?” One of the NUP Mp said.

Kyagulanyi was also attacked by the government chief whip Hon Thomas Tayebwa who asked as to whether Nubian Li and Kyagulanyi’s wife were the best heads to head to the EU parliament if they really had to say anything serious there.

Kyagulanyi has continuously hurled sentiments of tribalism in times where it is evident that President Museveni has trusted top most offices to tribes other than his. This has left many disappointed and bitter with Bobi wine for playing cheap politics and critics continue to blame this on his selfish needs and cry for public attention.





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