NUP Kyagulanyi Is Politically Debilitated to Remove NRM-Analyst


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The leader of the National Unity Platform (NUP), Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, recently said he was leaving all his hope to remove the ruling NRM regime to God.

In a tweet a few days ago, Kyagulanyi called on God for solace, guidance, and strength in his struggles against the regime since his own political strategies seemed to have offered no breakthrough.

“They keep fighting me, but I am not giving up. May the stream of Zion fill my spiritual cup, and Jah give me strength, solace, and protection,” tweeted Kyagulanyi.

To Yusuf Serunkuma, a city-based political analyst, Kyagulanyi’s expression exhibits a huge amount of political desperation and misguided strategies.

According to Serunkuma, Bobi Wine is on the losing end, given the fact that all his tactics have not yielded results, so it is no surprise that he tweeted claiming to have given up with the struggle and turned to God.

“Bobi Wine has tried almost every dirty angle to taint the NRM regime, painting it as evil; he forgot what is at the heart of Ugandans; whoever has been advising him politically should be dropped; he has just led him down the drain,” said Serunkuma.

Serunkuma said Bobi Wine’s camp was ill-motivated to take the narrative of kidnap and torture from their supporters with the intent to blackmail security.

On a number of occasions, Bobi Wine has supported and claimed the ADF, its leader Mukulu, and his supporters are innocent, ignoring the people they have killed and hurt in the twin bombings of Kampala and Kichambwa.

Last week, Eric Mwesigwa, one of the torture victims paraded by NUP, shocked the nation when he revealed how the Kyagulanyi group had been parading several stage-managed torture victims.

He said they are lured into such acts by the top NUP management for money in order to tarnish the government’s name.

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