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NUP Katongole resorts to blackmail trick amidst troubling political desperation

The National Unity Platform-NUP diehard, Julius Katongole has once again resorted to circulating baseless assertions against the achievements of NRM regime.

Recently, Katongole whose political relevance has continued to dwindle authored and widely circulated unfounded allegations against the President and CMI of plotting to assassinate some individuals in the country.

To start with, this man Katongole is even disliked within his own NUP because unfit personal characters and the way he conducts himself.

He is fresh from battle the allegation of rape, a case considered an abomination in our society and complete abuse on our women.

Secondly, this Katongole has no moral authority to make any claim against anyone because is known as a person bad characters both within NUP and in the society.

This was after he had reportedly pocketed a large sum of money which he had solicited from NUP members to support the so-called prisoners of war but he later lavishly spent this cash on prostitutes around Rubaga.

I was shocked when I heard this very Katongole alleging that there was plot to assassinate the Kawempe North councilor Nusifah Nakato who recently claimed she was involved in a road accident.

Nakato is steadily receiving medical treatment at Nsambya hospital but the thinking of Julius Katongole is quite ridiculous and dangerous to our society.

Katongole is not only known for promoting tribalism but a prominent has personally been involved in various clandestine moves to topple NRM government.

The NRM record is stand is clear against violence as a mean to resolve political difference this has been witnessed by several peaceful engagements by the President of Uganda with many opposition leaders.

In addition to promoting peace, unity and reconciliation, NRM regime has been wooing many opposition leaders including Ministers Beatrice Anywar, former FDC, Betty Amongi of UPC among others.

Minister Betty Amongi with husband Mp Jimmy Akena Obote, the current UPC leader.

Those currently working with NRM regime is Ambassador Joy Ruth Aceng, Ambassador Rebecca Amuge Otengo, Speaker Anita Among and her deputy Thomas Tayebwa among others.

President Museveni is on record to have pardoned and reconciled with many opponents right from 1985 when he engaged the then government of Tito Okello Lutwa during the Nairobi peace talk.

We should also recall that soon after taking over government in 1986, President Museveni called all those who had previously disagreed with him to return home, a called that greatly yielded positively.

Uganda as a country, we have a multi-party system and equal rights for all to support any political party of choice but it is clear that the NRM support has remained glairing huge since 1986.

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