NUP IN THE SPIN: Firing Mpuuga for Senyonyi, Bobi Wine jumped from frying pan to fire


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European Parliament Session a few days ago discussed the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act an act that has been seen as detrimental to Uganda’s sovereignty.

During the debate held on Thursday 9 May 2024 Lord Cashman asked His Majesty’s Government what representations they have made to the government of Uganda regarding its Anti-Homosexuality Act. Among the speakers, Lord Bellingham noted that the new Leader of Opposition in Uganda, Joel Senyonyi is the new kid on the block in as far politics of Uganda is concerned in the east African country.

He instructed the foreign office to set up a meeting with Senyonyi as he is only the beacon of hope for change in Uganda. ‘Will the Minister not agree that one thing that could make a really big difference to this appalling situation would be a change in regime and free and fair elections? He will have noted that the European Parliament concluded that the last elections were neither free nor fair and, in fact, were violent. What more can we do to ensure there is multi-party democracy? Will he find time to meet the outstanding new leader of the opposition, Joel Ssenyonyi, who is a brave young politician who deserves our support?” Bellingham noted.

The actions of UK seem to be having far reaching consequences  on Bobi Wine. In firing Mpuuga for  Senyonyi, Bobi Wine seems to have moved from the frying pan to fire.

The Magere firebrand is havng a serious competitor in Senyonyi than Mpuuga which he did not anticipate. Critics say Bobi wine hoped that he can trust Ssenyonyi since he is his king maker, however information  looming asserts that the LOP has since realized that he can stand without less popular Kyagulanyi when it comes to serious matters.

In the short period Senyonyi has been leader of opposition, a lot has been achieved compared to Mpuuga. Senyonyi has already secretly attracted international attention especially in the common-wealth, which Mpuuga had failed to do for the last three years he has been in the seat.

In House rifts between Bobi Wine and other big wigs in NUP leave the party goal-less.

However, this, according to political pundits is coming at a huge price.Bobi is now feeling the pressure as the young politician threatens his foreign base that has been funding him.This has created a huge rift as the principal and his junior battle for attention.

While handing over power to Ssenyonyi a few months ago, Mpuuga warned his successor that his new role will come with great challenges that will strip him down as a younger leader.

The threats, and hardships, Mpuuga said will not only come from ruling NRM government and the parliamentary leadership but also from members of his owner party.

“ I do pity you,” Mpuuga said. “But it’s a relief that you have the thick skin that it will take to face this,” he added.
“You will need to strengthen your back. There are people out there who think that that office has a drawer full of money which you just pull out. Even some of the NUP members will try to fight you,” Mpuuga said.

With the UK and other foreign power losing hope in Bobi Wine and steadily moving to support Ssenyonyi, analysts are sensing a huge palace rivalry in the National Unity Party (NUP) that is likely to trickle-down to the grassroots.

In firing Mpuuga from the leader of Opposition, Bobi thought he had killed a giant and it would be easy to manager a political novice in Ssenyonyi. However, Ssenyonyi seems to be emerging like that Biblical David that could kill a Goliath soon.

Written by John Katanywa 

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