NRM Wins Overall National Outcome Of The 2020/2021 Guild Presidential Elections


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The NRM has scooped 11 wins in 16 universities which constitutes about 69% making it the leading party in Guild Presidential elections in universities.

Since October 2021, the Guild Electoral Commission (EC) has been organizing university presidential elections at the 16 universities. The physical elections have so far gone on successfully together with the online elections.

Different universities presented various candidates with different party bearers represented but NRM has registered majority wins in the 2021 guild presidential races in different universities in the country

Apart from Makerere, where NRM missed victory, the NRM party took major seats in 16 campuses where polls have been conducted so far.

In some universities, NRM sailed through unopposed like in the case of Cavendish University.

In Ndejje Luwero compass and UCU Mukono compass, NRM contested against itself while other parties failed to present any candidates.

At Gulu University, Lapyen Thomas anΒ  NRM leaning candidate came first, ekebu peter DYD candidate came secondΒ  Mziina Mark came third in FDC whileΒ  Jumba Hendrys NUP came forth.

Northern Region in the general elections of the countries presidential elections performed well in the NRM position having been an opposition District for a long time. Gulu university elections were no different considering the guild presidential elections.

Kabale University hadΒ Ainemugisha Godwin an NRMΒ candidate winning with 641 votes against Abigaba Derick also an NRM candidate who came second with 360 votes and nakyejwe aidahs NUP came third with 247 votes against Barigwe MichealsΒ  FDC who came fourth with 142 votes.

Cavendish University had an opposed NRM candidate while Bishop Barhams Amos Nonwesigwa came first with 358 votes against Niwagaba Believe who scored 348 also under the NRM ticket.

UCU Kampala had Kasemire Stacia winning with 317 votes against Najjemba lias nup who scored 133 coming seconds in the race.UCU Mukono had an NRM candidate winning with 1507 votes against Ayebare Philip a nup candidate.

Ndejje University luweero presented both NRM candidates where Thulibamany Vincent won with 1735 votes against his opponent Akampurira Mayers who scored 1361 votes.

Nkumba University presented candidates from various parties but Mushabe Lawrences NRM candidate won by 195 votes against Mpanha Tarzan and Nsereko Joseph from independent and nup respectively.

NUP managed to get 25% DP had 6% while other ended at 0%. The victory of NUP at Makerere University has been largely attributed to the meddling by opposition politicians who directly eye the University as their recruiting and breeding ground.

The results from the Guild races directly indicate the strength that NRM wields even among the young intellectual generation.



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