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NRM: MP Acon delivers 300 Mama kits, Assorted medical equipment

More than 300 expectant mothers have received free Mama kits while hundreds of women have also been screened for cervical cancer in Otuke East Constituency, Otuke district courtesy of the area MP Julius Acon Bua-NRM.

He also delivered various Assorted medical equipment acquired through Kristina Health Centre III in Otuke district.

MP Acon said politics and being the people’s representative means service above self, sacrificing for the good of the communities, and requires constant but critical lobbying from various networks of good friends in order to deliver effective services to the people.

On Thursday, more than 1,000 local residents of Otuke gathered to celebrate 10 years of existence and medical service delivery by Kristina Health Centre III, a community medical facility built by Acon Foundation.

MP Acon the leader of ACON foundation established this medical facility with the help of his friends whom he met during his many years of athletic engagement in the United States  among other countries.

Otuke Community dance group during the Thursday event

MP Acon said Kristina Health Centre III has also launched the newly acquired sophisticated medical equipment, he is optimistic the equipment shall enhance services at the facility.

The acquired equipment includes; Haematology machine for conducting Complete Blood count-CBC, Incubator for premature babies, Compressor (Dental), Chemistry analyzer ,and  Ultrasound scan Machine.

Others are three oxygen concentrators, Amniotic fluid suction machine, and CTG machine ( Monitor fetal and maternal conditions during labour).

“We also gave free Mama kits to 300 pregnant mothers and other activities were free cervical cancer screening, blood donation among others, ”MP Acon said.

Through this ACON foundation, MP Acon has also been promoting both subsistence and commercial farming in Otuke district by donating seeds and other farming inputs to farmers.

Mp Acon with some women during the event

The legislator further encouraged residents to keep checking their health as its the first line of defence in wealth creation urging them to embrace various government programs in  a bid to combat poverty.

“I want to thank the people of Otuke for turning up in that big numbers to check on their health status and we intend to do this periodically, “MP Acon said.

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