Notorious City thug and conman netted by Security Forces


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Following a tip off from security operatives, the police have arrested Kizito Ramathan, a notorious and merciless thug from a racket that targets and steals from people with money for years by disguising as a boda boda rider.

The suspect is charged with cases of theft and obtaining money by false pretense and is currently being held from Central Police station with case reference number SD/RE: 63/7/05/2021, awaiting to be presented to court.

Kizito has been on the run since May 2021 following a theft of Four Million Shillings he carried out where the victim was the Human resource of Sheraton Hotel.

How the racket operates

Kizito and his β€˜crime mates’ use a rare tactic which involves a combination of surveillance of their target victims, building rapport and finally executing their wrong doing.

Using this tactic they managed to steal Four Million from the Human resource manager of Sheraton hotel.

The suspects had built rapport with her and on the on the fateful day. It is reported that she reached out by phone call to a boda boda rider who she had always dealt with.

The Motor cycle that was used by Kizito Ramathan to participate in stealing from people

As she was waiting, a different rider, (Kizito Ramathan) showed up and asked her to sit and go.Β  Within her mind she thought Kizito who she did not know, was sent by her usual boda boda rider. This happens in cases where your usual rider sends another because they cannot make it.

In a hurry, she sat and went to a forex bureau where exchanged Money that she gave to the rider (Kizito) to deliver it to a client.

As soon as Kizito had left, her usual boda boda guy arrived to carry out the errand that she had wanted him to do. In that moment, the shock of having given money to the wrong guy became true. The Four Million was never delivered to the client and from that day, Kizito Ramathan has been on the run until 16th, May 2021 when he was arrested from around city square, near high court.

According to security agencies, the suspect will be interrogated and this will act as means to arresting all those involved in the business of stealing and conning people by disguising as Bod boda riders.


A snap shot showing Kizito riding one of his Victims on In Kampala







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