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NDA closes over 200 drug shops, confiscates drugs worth Ugx 100M

The National Drug Authority-NDA has confiscated drugs worth over one hundred million Uganda shillings.

This was during the one week long operation to crackdown on illegal drug selling outlets within South Western Uganda.

A total of 225 drug shops that had been found unfit to operate were temporarily shut down by the National drug Authority.

Abias Rwamwiri, the NDA spokesperson said the enforcement is part of the routine activities often conducted against the vice.

He adds that the operation aims at ensuring the safety of drugs in the market.

Some were also found in possession of government drugs which is illegal and punishable by the law according to Rwamwiri.

“Those found with government drugs will be prosecuted for possessing government property,” Rwamwiri said.

He also confirmed that those who will comply with the NDA standards and proved fit to sell drugs will be given authorization to operate and the impounded drugs are being kept in their stores. However those that were recognized as dangerous to society were destroyed with a destruction permit from the courts of law.

“When we issue licenses to these people they think we’ve done our part and they can break the law by bringing in government drugs but I assure the public that we will continue carrying out such operations to protect the public,” He added.

Dr. Tom Makumbi, the NDA senior drugs inspector, their operations are usually intelligence led.

“The operations are intelligence led and areas in which drug shops are violating the minimum requirements are visited immediately,” He said.

According to Dr. Makumbi, the recent operation stemmed from a tip of by the area district security team and other health apparatus.

The operation was conducted in the 11 districts from South Western Uganda.

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