Muwanga Kivumbi Needs To Concentrate On Real Issues In Society And Stop Cheap Politics


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Hon. Muwanga Kivumbi member of the parliament of Uganda from Butambala while at a funeral in Nakatoke village in Busabala made tribalistic remarks that leave a lot to be desired from a member of parliament of Uganda.

Hon Kivumbi’s tribal talk are just diversionary, misguiding, anti-development and totally a result of negative and backward ideological mentality.

Hon. Kivumbi hiding under the guise of being welcoming-, said that the Baganda have been tolerant enough with other tribes who have come and ‘taken over’ the Baganda’s land.

What Muwanga is doing is not only dangerous, it’s also very unpatriotic and divisive. He is trying to pin Ugandans against each other with one region fighting the others.  Everyone in Uganda is welcome everywhere and no region is closed to anyone.  The divisionism he is trying to create is merely cheap politics.

The Hon. continued to say that one day the presidency will belong to the Baganda and ‘the rest of Uganda will know who the Baganda are’. Hon. Kivumbi should be made aware that Uganda has had presidents who have been Baganda, in fact, the first president of Uganda was a Buganda King, Edward Mutesa.  Uganda has had a long list of presidents from Buganda including Yusuf K Lule, Godfrey Binaisa, and Paulo Muwanga which makes the Butambala representative’s remarks moot and purely inciting.

Hon. Kivumbi is taking on the new politics of blackmail of the National Unity Platform (NUP) where the public is fed false information and threatening those with different views.

Last year’s presidential vote showed deep-seated regional and tribal sentiments by the opposition from the central region.

NUP which Hon Kivumbi subscribes to during the last general elections tried to thrive on tribalism and regionalism as a divide and conquer tactic to canvass for votes as part of their campaign strategy which was successfully rejected by Ugandans.

When you start the party on tribe, you can never get more than 18 per cent of the vote because there is no tribe that is more than 18 per cent of Uganda.

For example Uganda’s first parties Democratic Party (DP), Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) and Kabaka Yekka failed because they were either formed on the basis of religion or tribe, which led to the crisis in 1966 when then Prime Minister Milton Obote and Sir Edward Mutesa II, the then president, developed bitter misunderstandings on how to run government.

As a political leader, Hon. Kivumbi shouldn’t be playing politics of division rather he should be seeking to unite all the people of Uganda but he has gone the other way of cheap popularity which is not sustainable.

The MP who should be addressing the real issues in society like how to improve households income has stooped so low as to abuse Ugandans from other tribes which could undermine the country’s social unity fabric.

Muwanga Kivumbi needs to concentrate on nation-building issues and stay away from the NUP’s politics of cannibalism.

As a country we have never counted on tribalism as a mechanism or system to win elections and we must all be in the forefront condemning it. Ugandans must all come out and condemn it because it has no place in the modern world. Any leader or person, who promotes tribalism in Uganda is an enemy of his own people.



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