Museveni urges ugandans to cherish unity


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While officiating at the 33rd anniversary celebrations commemorating the NRM/NRA liberation day, President strongly urged the people of Tororo District in particular and Uganda in general to cherish unity by embracing the first principle of NRM, which is patriotism.

The President advised Ugandans to be patriotic and think about Uganda but not individual tribes. He illustrated his point by calling the Tororo District leaders to the podium to demonstrate unity that the leaders in Tororo should be embracing instead of fomenting disunity.

His Excellency exhaustively explained to the gathering the mistakes of the pre-independence gov’ts that promoted sectarianism. He also stated that loving Uganda alone wasnt enough as we need the people of Africa for our prosperity in terms of bigger and wider markets for our products.

The President stated that, “the people of Tororo in particular must reflect on how well they are doing on these two fronts; patriotism and integration. Whereas you have your tribe, you must remember that the unity of Ugandans is more important. The squabbles along tribal lines in Tororo must stop”.

Museveni with district leaders from Tororo

The President pledged to invite leaders from the wider Bukedi to his demonstration farm in Kityeterera in Mayuge District, Busoga Sub-Region to see what can be done in a small piece of land in a bid to improve income generating activities at household levels in the area.

Regarding the issues of job creation, Museveni asked visitors from Kampala at the function to pass via Tororo Town to see the mushrooming industries in the area that are providing employment to the youth & others that will also on completion provide thousands more.

The celebrations  were hosted in Tororo District, Muwafu primary school (West Budama), as it unfolded a moment of glory that set a new chapter for Uganda.

After presiding over the 33rd NRM Liberation Day celebrations in West Budama, Tororo, First Lady Janet Museveni and The President went to Rubongi Sub-county to pay tribute to our comrade, Late Ochwo Obonyo.

Steve Mungereza
Steve Mungereza
Sociopolitical Analyst. Coverage of National and Regional news stories.

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