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Museveni commissions MilkMan Factory in Kiruhura

President Museveni has commissioned the Vital Tomosi milk processing factory, producers of the Milkman brand of UHT milk and yoghurt in Rushere, Kiruhura District.

In a statement by the President, he said that, “This is one of the fruits of our sensitization efforts dating back to 1966 when Mwesigwa Black and I, started to dissuade our parents and community from the practices of nomad-ism and subsistence cattle keeping.

The mindset at the time was largely pre-capitalist but we took a lesson from the exposure we had at school in Mbarara and brought the knowledge back home.

Museveni speaking at the occassion

When we had made headway with the general concept, we then started sensitization on enterprise selection. At the time, there had been mass conscription of wanainchi into growing of cash crops such as tobacco, coffee and cotton.

The local people, without vast lands, ultimately could not get out of poverty. So we encouraged our people to look into high milk-yielding breeds of cows, instead of depending entirely on our local breeds.

Therefore, I am pleased to commission this factory, which processes 100,000 liters of milk daily. I commend the Israeli investor, Eytan Stibbe of Vital Capital Fund, and their local partners, Odrek Rwabwogo and Patience Rwabwogo, for setting up this facility.

I am pleased to see such partnerships and hope that more of the same can be established in different parts of the country, especially with focus on value-addition to agricultural produce”.

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