Mpigi RDC Launches PDM Data Capture for Katonga Region in Mpigi District


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Today, June 27, 2024, Ssempala Amos Kigozi, the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) for Mpigi District, launched the data capture exercise for Mpigi District Parish Development Model (PDM) beneficiaries using the Zaidi Application at the Aston City Hotel in Konkoma Ward, Mpigi Town Council.

In his remarks, Kigozi said that PDM is the solution to the development of Uganda, stating that it embeds all the aspects of development that are key to driving Uganda to middle-income status.

He stated that data capture is an important exercise to help the government know the impact of development initiatives.

“The government has in the past invested a lot of money to improve the welfare of Ugandans through programmes like entandikwa, poverty eradication, and agricultural extension services, but unfortunately there was no documentation to assess the impact of these programmes,” Kigozi said.

The RDC also noted that the challenges likely to affect the PDM programmes, like corruption, land grabbing, ignorance, and negative mobilisation of the people against the programme, will be captured and reported to the concerned authorities.

Nakazzi Juliana, the Mpigi District Commercial Officer, stated that PDM in Mpigi District was launched on December 21, 2022, in Ward B, Kyanja Village, with over 6,100 beneficiaries recorded in the district.

Currently, the PDM Sacco leaders are being trained on how to use Wendi, a mobile wallet application that is run by Post Bank and Finance Trust Bank. The application will enable beneficiaries, especially those in rural areas, to transact using their mobile phones instead of travelling long distances to banks.

Residents applauded the government’s intervention in moving services closer to them.

The exercise will be carried out by Gombolola internal security officers (GISOs) in the Katonga Region, which is made up of Butambala, Gomba, and Mpigi Districts.

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