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Moroto leaders want all donated food relief registered

Moroto district leaders have asked people donating food relief to Karamoja region to register with the district before it is delivered to the community.

According to them, this is to ensure proper distribution to vulnerable people and protect the items from being mismanaged.

This follows complaints that some politicians are using the hunger situation to campaign using relief food.

According to Ismail Mohamed, Moroto Municipality Mayor, some people are taking advantage of the situation to get political mileage.

”Although the community is in dire need of food support, some people have taken advantage of the situation to get political mileage,” Mr. Ismail Mohamed said.

He says that food relief should be delivered to the district so that they can help to identify the most vulnerable families.

”The elderly, child-headed families and persons living with HIV/AIDS are the most vulnerable group but it’s surprising that none of them benefit from food support,” Mohammed added.

The Moroto Mayor further blamed region politicians for downplaying the hunger situation in Karamoja by debating about the hunger deaths in Kampala without visiting the ground.

Mr. David Koryang, the Moroto district LCV chairperson also called upon individuals and institutions donating food relief to the affected people to do it through the district so as the mount of food delivered is known and the targeted beneficiaries.

“It is their responsibility as district officials to identify the most vulnerable groups and ensure that whoever is willing to support should start with those in a bad state,” David Koryang said.

He added that people reaching the communities directly and others through politicians are messing up since they are not following the right channels which is creating divisions among the voters and local leaders.

‘’We have been seeing people running to the community with food, they messed up because they never followed right channels, the food issue is creating division among leaders and the voters,’’ Koryang said.

The hunger situation in the region has contributed to many challenges like early marriages, burglary, and theft for survival.

This came up during the handover of the 10 tons of relief food items from Airtel Uganda targeting over 2000 households in Moroto, Napak, and Nabilatuk districts.

The concern was brought up during the handover of 10 tons of relief food items from Airtel Uganda that was delivered by the Telecom’s David Birungi, the Public Relations Officer.

David Birungi said that the Airtel Uganda decided to join other individuals, corporate organizations, and public institutions that have reached out to more than half a million people who are experiencing hunger in the Karamoja region.

However, close sources indicates that food relief meant for vulnerable families always ends up in the hands of the relatives of those assigned to distribute it leaving out the most vulnerable families.

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