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MoH Speaks Out On False Reports About COVID-19 Vaccines Expiring In Stores

The ministry of health has broken silence on the media allegations that the country is set to lose 40m Covid vaccines due to apathy.

Daily monitor had alleged that over 40 million COVID-19 vaccines in the government stores are at risk of expiry due to apathy and logistics.

However, the Ministry of health Uganda spokesperson Emmanuel Ainebyoona has clarified that the earliest expiry of COVID-19 vaccines held at NMS is May 2022 contrary to false reports by Daily monitor circulating on social media.

“We advise media houses to always consult before publishing information that may end up being alarmist”. Ainebyoona tweeted.

MOH Uganda says with collaboration with the local governments and other partners, “we hope to utilize all the vaccines that we have in stock when they are still potent. We encourage the general public to take your jab to protect yourself and people”.

In the move to put the pandemic at bay, Uganda is aiming at vaccinating the entire adult population against COVID-19 as it studies vaccination for children a head of the full re-opening of the economy early next year.

Most of the countries which have had issues of vaccine expiring before being put to use blame rich countries for buying it in large numbers and hoarding it but later realized that the vaccines were about to expire and donated it to African countries.

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