Ministry of Lands Gives 518 Freehold Land Titles, Markets to Lamwo Residents


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The Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban Development has given residents of Lamwo District 518 freehold land titles, a market, and a 25-kilometre road, among other projects.

According to the lands minister, Judith Nabakooba, at a function held at Ogili Central in Palabek Ogili Sub-county in Lamwo District on June 26, 2024, these projects are said to have been extended to Lamwo because it is a refugee hosting community, having 86,000 refugees from South Sudan.

The projects were constructed under the Uganda Support to Municipal and Infrastructure Development (USMID) program, and the Minister asked beneficiaries to utilize them for their development.

“Use your land productively and tap into avenues that the government has come up with to enable you to improve your economic welfare,” Nabakooba advised.

During the event, the 518 freehold titles were handed over to beneficiaries from Ogili Sub-County, and about eight villages benefited, including Lagot Opuk, Kal Central A, Kece, Alimotiko, and Doly Gudi, among others.

Nabakooba also advised the recipients of the land titles to reach an agreement with refugees and lease their land to them.

She, however, warned the new landlords against taking titles to money lenders and using the money unproductively.

“Be calculative to avoid operating in losses. The money lenders, when you do not pay back their money, automatically your land will be gone,” Nabakooba warned.

The Minister further noted that all projects commissioned cost Shs10.9 billion, with Lagotopok Market constructed for Shs1.6 billion, a resource center at Lamwo Town Council at Shs1.5 billion, and Palabek Town Council, Lamwo Town Council 25km road at Shs6.4 billion, running from Lamwo Town Council to Kal Town Council.

She also said that the market is open to all people, including those from South Sudan, who cross the border to come and trade in Uganda.

She further urged them to tap into government programs like the Parish Development Model (PDM) and Emyooga, among others, and use the money to make their land productive.

Minister for Relief Disaster Preparedness Hilary Onek, who is also the MP of Lamwo County, emphasised that accountability for the expenditure of the money spent on the projects be presented.

“If you had given me that money, I would hand over better structures compared to the ones we are commissioning today. If you cannot deliver the government’s work, I will engage the local government, and they will take you elsewhere,” Onek told officials.

The Ministry of Lands has been conducting a land title processing pilot study in Lugwar and Apyetta under the Systematic Land Adjudication and Certification (SLAAC) program. About eight villages have benefited, including Lagot Opuk, Kal Central A, Kece, Alimotiko, and Doly Gudi, among others, in Lamwo District.

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