Minister Babalanda Issues Stern Warning To RDCs, RCCs, Against Mistreating MPs


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The minister for the Presidency, Milly Babalanda, cautioned the Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) and the Resistance City Commissioners (RCCs) against mistreating MPs during the quarterly zoom meeting on 18 May 2023.
The minister’s warning comes at a time when women MPs have petitioned Parliament regarding the alleged misconduct of RDCs and security agencies in preventing them from celebrating Women’s Day in their respective districts.
“As we continue to receive reports from the affected members, I would like to advise that there is no justification for RDCs to mistreat members of parliament; these are national leaders. It is improper to invite a chief guest to preside over International Women’s Day celebrations in your districts without involving the women members of parliament, even if they are opposition,” Babalanda stated.

She added that the RDCs, DISOs, and DPCs should invite the meeting organizers and brief them on the DSC’s resolutions prior to carrying out the activity. This approach is diplomatic and helps to avoid unwarranted finger-pointing.
She also ordered that the district resolution committees on management be implemented and signed by all district event participants.
“That at the end of the day, the RDCs will fight alone and be interrogated as individuals. And all members of the district resolution committee on administration should sign it, the minister said.
The Minister also informed the RDCs/RCCs that the Inspector General of Government (IGG) was concerned that the majority of them had not declared their fortune.
“I request that the Secretary of the President’s Office coordinate with the IGG to provide a window of opportunity for RDCs and Presidential Advisors to submit their declarations. “This was a mistake, and it must be rectified immediately,” she said.
She also suggested that RDCs and RCCs self-regulate and adhere to their duties and mandates.
The minister also informed RDCS and RCCs that the president is on a tour of the country to discuss household income issues such as Emyoga, PDM, and service delivery, and that such programs should be readily accessible.


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