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Mao Unleashes Rage on NUP over Oulanyah’s health

Norbert Mao has unleashed rage National Unity Platform (NUP) party leaders for criticising the government decision to airlift Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah to the US for specialised treatment.

The Democratic Party President said that  all government officials are entitled to specialised treatment if their condition is complicated, indicating that NUP leaders and supporters are not being honest in their attacks on Mr Oulanyah.

He added that NUP is trying to score political goals but they are not only doing bad politicking but also bad manners by attacking sick persons.

He wondered whether the NUP members have any human manners at all, saying that why they can’t wait for the speaker to heal before they launch their useless attack on him.

Mao also said that NUP has presented the weakest opposition force since the existence of Multi-party Democracy in Uganda.

“As I said, the NRM in Parliament is on holiday because the front desk on the Opposition side is very empty. They lack depth and coherence in their ideas,” he added.

On February 3, Mr Oulanyah was airlifted to the US to receive specialised treatment.

Shortly after his admission at the hospital in Seattle, US, a group of NUP members demonstrated against the move, indicating that it was a waste of resources for the government to airlift officials abroad other than building a better healthcare system in the country.

Mao came out as the Acholi region was conducting prayers for the speaker and said that it is hypocrisy of the highest order on the NUP side because when Bobi Wine or Betty Nambooze is sick, they are airlifted on government money. “It is, therefore, bad politics for the NUP chaps to think that they oppose everything,” he said.


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