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Malakwang- A bitter sweet delicacy from Northern Uganda

Malakwang is an amazing delicacy from northern Uganda. This sauce has a sour and sweet taste when it’s going down your throat.

This sauce became known to other regions of the country because of intermarriages and migrations. The sauce is now prepared in almost all parts of this beautiful country.

It was believed that this delicious sauce was prepared especially when the home had domestic challenges to remind them of the good moments they had before the challenges. That is why it has a sweet and sour taste.

However, in the past this delicacy was never served at traditional marriages because of the belief that the marriage would not last.

 It is also believed that this lovely dish is specially served to in-laws when they visit and also when parents of women visit their daughter’s marital home.

Ingredients; Malakwang leaves, ground g/nuts, tomatoes, salt.


Wash the malakwang leaves and sun dry them for about 10minutes to drain the water.

Boil water and then put the dried malakwang leaves to cook till tender for about 15mintues.

When tender remove and drain the water then add fresh hot water.

Place back on the stove and add chopped tomatoes without peels, cook until they soften.

Add ground g/nuts and salt mix them until they combine well to your desired taste.

Serve while still hot or warm with sweet potatoes, millet bread, Posho, boiled cassava, matooke among others.

This lovely sauce is an important dish for lactating because it’s believed that it increases the amount of milk from the mother.

Malakwang is also a good source of iron which increases the hemoglobin in the anaemic people and stimulates appetite.

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