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Makerere staff seeks to block Prof. Nawangwe’s re-appointment

Makerere University staff have petitioned the University Council seeking to block the re-appointment of Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe as Vice Chancellor.

His term of office is due to expire in six weeks according to the staff.
The staff said Prof Nawangwe’s term expires on August 31, but the University Council is reluctant to constitute a search committee to immediately fill the position as provided for in the law.

“The office of the Vice Chancellor is falling vacant in one-and-a-half months. By now, the search for the VC should have concluded,” the July 14 petition reads in part.

Pro. Nawangwe said that he has expressed interest to the University Council to be re-appointed as the VC.

“I have applied for reappointment before the University Council,” he said.

In their petition, the staff claimed Prof. Nawangwe failed to excellently perform his roles therefore he should not be re-appointed.

They want the University Council to institute a search committee to have the position filled by another eligible candidate.

“There are secret, unfair and unclear procedures in trying to assess the current Vice Chancellor in order to award him another contract yet he does not qualify for another one according to the policy. The University Council ought to start the search process instantly,” the staff stated.

According to the staff, some positions like the Deputy VC for Finance and Administration, Deputy University Secretary, Academic Registrar, Director of Quality assurance, Director Human Resource, Director Legal Affairs and the Deputy Dean of Students are still occupied on acting capacity. 

“The VC has left some positions to be occupied by individuals in acting positions. There is unfairness and impunity in recruitment, promotions and post-retirement of contracts which makes it unfavorable for working, teaching and learning,” the staff added.

The appeal to the University Council was done by all the leadership of teaching, non-teaching staff and the staff union.

Steve Mungereza
Steve Mungereza
Sociopolitical Analyst. Coverage of National and Regional news stories.

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