Lord Mayor Lukwago Is Exposed Naked; Let Him Apologize


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During the launch of his political party- The Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) at the Serena Conference Centre, Gen Mugisha Muntu remarked with a precision that the sun will rise and moles will shine.

Unlike Prophet Mbonye and his peers, Muntu’s prophecy finally came to pass when a letter handwritten and signed by Gen (rtd) Saleh Akandwanaho withdrawing his political support from Elias Lukwago made its way to the public gallery. The letter written in black ink on a Namunkekera Industrial Park headed paper has sent a shock down the spine of the once indefatigable Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago

Lord Mayor Lukwago, Hon Amuriat, and many other Besigye blind supporters castigated Gen Muntu internally and publicly for being a secret state agent in the opposition even when they knew who the real moles were. Lies, whether secret or public, remain lies and the speed of truth is and will always be determined by time.

In their rallies, the FDC (Besigye-Lukwago faction) coined conspiracy theories and threw around sweeping statements to portray themselves as the true people’s advocates and demonized their opponents sometimes from their own camps like Hon Ingrid Turinawe who was expelled from the party she founded and sacrificed a lot for because she did not support Lukwago’s move to join FDC as the Vice President Buganda Region replacing Hon Joyce Nabosa Ssebugwawo

Gen Muntu was branded with several names in many languages but with this Saleh letter, it’s now a public secret that Lukwago was and remains one, if not the biggest beneficiary of the statehouse and government money.

Lukwago and his colleagues mastered the art of blackmail politicking and racial talk to cover their double standards in public. However, this time round, the ever tough-talking lord Mayor could not even pronounce In flagrante delicto because in this case, he is the one who has been exposed in broad daylight.

As he stated in his letter, Gen Saleh, supported Lukwago when his city council voted to impeach him. Lukwago did not wear his robs or step foot at the City Hall until Saleh intervened.

As his usual political theatrics, after the release of the letter, Lukwago staged a presser in which he was visibly shaken and stammered throughout a plan he had set to thwart the growing pressure among the electorate, honchos at Najjananankumbi and city councilors at the KCCA.

As with any other frightened person, Lukwago slipped on his tongue and revealed his connection with Saleh as he tried to rebuttal the content of the first letter regarding the beneficiaries of the incoming city compensation.

In a second letter, Gen Saleh, again, demanded that Lukwago who he called a brother apologize to him and the country for spreading falsehoods, blackmail, hate, and toxic politics for his political mileage

Lukwago and his colleagues in the opposition, many of them in Parliament, have been hoodwinking the public with tough talk on Television and majestic poses during and after riots with Police but wind the day at money collection centers while the gullible youth are bargaining for police bond or nursing wounds of rubber bullets or hardened buttons.

Lukwago can neither disclose the source of the money for his two-time Nairobi Hospital Bills and two-term election campaign funding as the Lord Mayor but this letter does this for any wise man who does not need a pamphlet to fathom a deal gone bad.

As the Bible in the good book of Matthew 7:15-20 says, we shall know them by their fruits. This expose is a clear indicator that Uganda’s opposition is just in colours and speech but not in actions because Lukwago has been exposed naked, let him apologize to Saleh and the Country.

The writer is Ishasha Irenga- a social commentator.


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