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Local Government Officials Directed to Protect Wetlands

Following a Presidential directive on wetland protection and other environmentally conserved areas, the Ministry of Local Government has urged all district accounting and local council officers to stop leasing land and approving building plans in wetlands.

According to Ben Kumumanya, the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Local Government, the CAOs and Town Clerks have been cautioned against leasing land, approving building plans as well as allowing those carrying out farming activities in wetlands and conserved areas.

“All CAOs and Town Clerks are notified against leasing land or making approvals of building plans in wetlands. They are also advised to stop any form of farming that is carried out in such areas,” he said.

He advised the Local Government officials to allow farmers with already cultivated crops make harvests and thereafter be sensitized on the dangers of cultivating in wetlands and other environmentally sensitive areas.

Kamumanya stated that the directive follows the officials’ failure to adhere to the Presidential directives issued by the Minister for Presidency, Milly Babalanda.

On 8th July 2022, Hon. Babalanda wrote a letter reminding Commissioners of how President Museveni’s 6th February 2022 directive on protection of wetlands still stands.     

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