Lango Launches “My Tribe, My Identity” Documentary


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The Lango has launched a documentary titled “My Tribe, My Identity” to promote cultural values.

R-Amb Dickson Ogwang Okul while presiding over the launch of My Tribe, My Identity documentary on Friday at St.Graciuos SS in Lira City where he offered to mediate in the current leadership conflict at Lango Cultural Institution.He said the first Lango Cultural museum will be built at St Gracious Secondary school.

Dickson Ogwang Okul, the Head of Chancery Uganda Embassy, Khartoum; The Awitong of Pala Ocol and Lango Minister responsible for Diplomacy and International Relations under Lango Cultural Foundation, said the documentary is part of a wider project aimed at promoting, sustaining, and preserving Lango cultural heritage and cherished Lango values for the next generation.

While presiding over the launch as the chief guest during the ceremony held at St. Gracious Secondary School in Lira City on Friday, Amb. Ogwang noted that they intend to build a modern Lango cultural museum, which will help in preserving and promoting Lango Cultural Heritage. He said the Museum will provide jobs and create income as part of Community Based Tourism and Education site that will meet the demands of some Tourists who less interested in nature based Tourism but search knowledge from Heritage Sites and Museums rich with well researched and documented information.

He adds that several stories about the history of great Lango ancestors will be documented for young people to learn rich Lango culture from.

Regarding the current conflict in Lango, the Head of Pala Ocol, a Lawyer and a Certified Conciliator   offered to mediate the conflict, which has since split Lango Cultural Institution and the community.

“I feel bad that we cannot share and move forward together as one due to the current conflict. My position is clear: I have an offer, whether His Highness the Wonyaci Yosam Odur or Eng. Dr. Michael Moses Odongo Okune want it or not, for the good of our peoples and posterity we must talk peace and resolve this conflict while it’s still early,” he emphasised.

Let us sit together and reason over this dispute; we cannot move forward as Lango with the current stalemate over leadership. I want to promote negotiations between the two factions. This fight won’t take us anywhere; let us not confuse young people. Let us give Wonyaci Yosam peace and let him finish his race with happiness. If you want us to have peace in the post-Wonyaci Yocam Odur Era, let’s resolve this conflict before Yosam passes on; let him go when he has left us in peace for the good of our people and children, he said.

The Rt. Hon. Eng. Robert James Ajal, the Prime Minister of the Lango Cultural Foundation, said the documentary will enable many people to learn about the Lango tribal group and that the idea if peace talk in Lango Tribal Leadership is a welcomed proposal from a man who has walked with the Lango Cultural Foundation for years with commitments to the principal of Peaceful Settlement of disputes, values he has instilled in Cultural Ministers through structured training and practices in recent past.

The My Tribe, My Identity documentary was commissioned by the Lango Cultural Institution and funded by businessman Dr. Patrick Olet, the proprietor of St. Gracious SS and Gracious Palace Hotel in Lira City.

Martin Ojok Anyuru, the Head Teacher of St Gracious SS noted with appreciation that the Lango Documentary is the brain Child of Amb. Dickson Ogwang Okul.

The event was attended by several dignitaries including clan leaders including Lango Prime Minister, Eng Robert James Ajal, former Lands Minster, Hon. Daniel Omara Atubo, also the head of Otengoro Olang, George Ojwang Opota  the Prime Minister of Tekwaro Lango, a Cultural faction headed by Eng. Dr. Michael Moses Odongo Okune among others.

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