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Lakotokoto: A Nutritious and Delicious Dish from Acholi

Lakotokoto is traditional local nutritious delicacy from Acholi land. An interesting fact is that the name Lakotokoto comes from the sounds it makes while cooking. Since it’s hard to pronounce, one can use syllables to pronounce the dish’s name ‘La-ko-to-ko-to’’

This is one of the healthiest meals to prepare as the ingredients used in preparation of this delicacy are all natural.

Ingredients; Simsim (Sesame), tomatoes, onions, salt.


Wash the simsim to remove all the dirt and ensure that it is very clean then dry it under the sun light for 1hour.

After drying the simsim slightly pound it using a mortar and thresh to remove the outer shells by winnowing.

The next process is grinding, one can either use a grinding machine or the traditional grinding stone ensuring that the simsim is fully ground.

After that, boil hot water for pressing the ground simsim. Put the ground simsim into a bowl then slightly pour hot water bit by bit.

Hot water is applied to ease the process of pressing the ground simsim to enable it to produce oil. After clear oil has been produced, one can pour the oil part into a separate container.

After that, one can start rounding the ground simsim into small balls ready for cooking.

After that process, water is boiled and then the ground simsim balls put in the boiling water and cover it.

After 20 minutes, add salt, onions, tomatoes and cover for 5minutes.

Reduce the heat and leave it to cook for at least an hour. To retain the aroma let it be covered as it steams on the fire.

After that time your lakotokoto dish is ready for serving, it can be served with millet bread (kalo), sweet potatoes, cassava bread, which are the most common accompaniments.

Lakotokoto can also be fried using the same oil that was produced from the ground simsim; one can also add boiled dry boneless fish or smoked boiled meat cut into smaller pieces.

The oil produce can also be used to fry other foods and it’s a pure and natural oil very healthy for the body.

In the northern region, this oil is cooked and used for smearing new born babies which keeps their skin smooth.           

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