Kibale RDC Urges GISOs to Closely Monitor Allocation of PDM Funds


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The Resident District Commissioner (RDC) of Kibale district, Godwin Angalia, has called upon the Gombolola Internal Security Officers (GISOs) to carry out close monitoring of the Parish Development Model (PDM) funds and ensure that they reach the intended beneficiaries.
The RDC made the remarks while opening a PDM training on dater capture exercise for GISOs from the three districts of Kibale, Kagadi, and Kakumiro, held at the Kibale Resort Hotel in Kibale district on June 21, 2024.
Angalia highlighted the patent issues affecting the region and how the government of Uganda plans to resolve them, including roads and bridges within the said districts, saying that talks are ongoing with UNRA.
He asked the GISOs to be alert in monitoring government programs and ensure that government resources are utilized appropriately by being present at the launch of government programs, following up on ongoing work, and reporting any misappropriation or embezzlement of government funds through their respective supervisors.
“Stop misusing funds by giving to people who are already well off; this money is supposed to help the less privileged people,” Angalia said.
The RDC urged the GISOs to do enforcement and ensure that the wetlands in the districts within their jurisdiction are protected and not tampered with or encroached on, as it’s a directive from President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.
Angalia cautioned the participants against allowing the launch of government programs without legal documents or clearance.
He highlighted the progress of the PDM project in Kibale district, revealing that during the financial year 2023/2024, the district received around Ugx 2.8 billion, and out of that, approximately Ugx 1.5 billion has already been disbursed to 6,021 beneficiaries in 31 parishes out of the 57 parishes, adding that the disbursement is still ongoing.
The RDC urged the GISOs to stand up for the government and ensure that the funds reach the intended people, adding that the funds have now been channeled directly to the beneficiaries through mobile money because some of them have challenges with bank accounts.
“Some of the people receiving these funds have never received even Ugx 500,000 on their phones, thus the PDM project creates financial inclusion,” he said.
He thanked the government and President Museveni for the initiative that has helped the less privileged.
He called upon the GISOs to not only communicate about PDM funds but also other government programs like Emyooga and developments in the district.
PDM is a government program that was initiated and launched by President Museveni in February 2022 at Kibuku playground in Eastern Uganda, with the aim of alleviating poverty through the promotion of commercialised agriculture from subsistence agriculture.

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