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Kapeeka Industrial Park: From A War Theater to A Thriving Industrial Park

Kapeeka is mainly remembered for being a battlefield between Obote’s government forces and Museveni’s army but the sub-county has come a long way since then and has blossomed into a thriving industrial park.

Kapeeka Sub-county is home to Liao Shen Industrial Park locally known as Namunkekera Industrial Park. It is located about 55kms from Kampala city center and about 41kms off the Kampala- Gulu Highway.

The industrial park is managed by Chinese investors Zhong Da Group and Zhang’s Group in partnership with the government of Uganda.

The park sits on about two square miles (about 640acres) and stretches to four parishes of Kapeeka Sub-county. That is Namunkekera, Naluvule, Kansili and katalekamese.

According to the LC3 Chairperson Kapeeka Sub-county Moses Senfuma, the Industrial park now offers about 20,000 jobs to Ugandans especially the youths both directly and indirectly.

“The demand for food, accommodation and transport, among others, is high. People now grow food knowing they are going to feed factory workers,” Senfuma said.

The 2014 National Housing and Population Census put the population of Kapeeka Sub County at 40,117 people. But Senfuma says that as a result of the continued influx of workers at the industrial park, the population have shot to about 50,000 people.   

The increased population has boosted the local revenue by providing steady market and demand for agricultural produce in form of food as well as accommodation facilities.

The park has also attracted other income generating projects such as Kapeeka Shooting range, Hotels for accommodation among others. This has promoted local tourism by attracting people that come to visit the factories.  

Some of the factories in the industrial park include;

Goodwill (U) Ceramic Company, the factory sits on about 26 acres of land and commenced production in April 2018. It has an output capacity of about 40,000 square meters of tiles per day and about 200 different tile designs.

According to Mr. Moses Senfuma, Uganda now saves about $35m that would have been spent on importing tiles.

The factory has also generated employment opportunities by employing about 2,000 skilled and non-skilled employees.

Workers packaging tiles at the industrial park

Yahe International Investment Company, a maize factory that buys maize from local farmers at Kampala’s market price. Farmers now have steady market for their produce especially maize.

The factory has the capacity to handle 7,000 tons of maize per day. With this demand farmers are assured of the market for their maize. 

Ho and Mu food Factory Technology, the fruit-processing factory. The factory buys fruits such as mangoes, oranges among others and makes packed juice for domestic and commercial consumption.

Mr. Ssekandi a fruits farmer in Naluvule, says the fruit-processing factory has greatly boosted his farming from small-scale to commercial agriculture. “At the factory, we get an opportunity to receive training in growing the right varieties of mangoes,” Ssekandi said.

Other factories in the park include; Lurtex Textile factory that produces garments, Shenze industries that manufactures Concrete Electricity poles, Oshta Ug Fishnet manufacturing factory that makes fishing nets, Nana Shoes factory, the Dragon and Phoenix factory and Gaga Foods factory among others.

The park also accommodates Liao Shen administration offices, a 100MW power sub-station, the Farm Science Centre, ICD Container Depot for URA.  

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