Judiciary driver remanded to Luzira Prison over hate speech


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Stanley Kisambira, The judiciary driver has today, May 22, 2023, been remanded to Luzira Prison until June 2, 2023 for promoting hate speech against Section 26(1)(c) of the Computer Misuse Act 2022.

Kisambira’s arrest comes after spreading audio clips released on May 12, 2023, pinning the judiciary for poor pay, which, according to the judiciary, were intended to promote hate speech against judges and other principles in the same category.

In one of the viral audios, Stanley Kisambira claimed low pay, stating that he was getting a monthly salary ofΒ  UGX 235,000 , which according to him was not enough to sustain his family.

He therefore revealed that the little pay could cause him or any other person in the same category to intentionally cause an accident, killing all the occupants and the principle among them.

“I am a driver. I can ram into a stationery trailer, killing all occupants, including the judge and bodyguard,” Kisambira who has been with a judiciary for 15 years, said in the audio clip.

However, the judiciary disclosed that, while the wage for drivers and other workers in the same category is inadequate, the judiciary leadership determined, in accordance with CSI number 6 of 2018, that the allowances for all non-judicial staff, including drivers, be increased.

And as a result of the aforesaid resolution, each driver, according to the judiciary statement released on May 16, 2023, is paid a significant consolidated monthly allowance made out on a quarterly basis, noting that the total monthly payment for the driver is over one million shillings when combined with the salary.

“He receives Shs200, 000 as operation funds; he gets a salary of Shs237, 000; and he also receives a consolidated allowance of Shs720, 000 every three months. Shs1.125 M is given to him every quarter as consolidated welfare money. This means that in total, Kisambira gets around Shs1.35 M but then he goes around telling lies,” Judiciary PS Pius Bigirimana said.

Kisambira was remanded until June 2, 2023, when he’s expected to be returned to court.













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