Is Mother Nature Fighting Back For Man’s Carelessness in Destroying The Environment?


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Yesterday,8th March 2023, at Math Science and Technology (MST) school in Bwerenga Kawuku, during a sports event, parents, teachers, and well-wishers watched with patience as their little ones displayed their talents on the field in various disciplines of sports, in spite of the scorching sun.

Under a warm day with the sun burning through their skins, sweat dripping down their faces, dry and cracking lips, and pale skin due to dehydration caused by the hot sun, the young stars enjoyed displaying their skills.

The school has enough trees planted around which offered shade to most parents who were watching and cheering on the learners. A few brave ones braced the heat with their children as they participated in the different games, including football, volleyball, and basketball.

However, some parents looked for a shade under the trees and prayed for the skies to open and bless the ground with a few raindrops to cool down the earth. Seated under the shade, some mothers kept on complaining about the heat and wished it could just rain a little. One parent was glad the school had trees that provided the shade she was enjoying.

“It is good that this lady, the director, loves farming and has planted a lot of trees around her school; they have saved us from this heat, and at least there is some cool breeze blowing from the trees,” said one parent.

Walking around our neighborhood, one would hope for a lot of trees along the roadside and in neighborhoods like it is at MST, but what a disappointment! Very few trees can be seen; they have been replaced with tall buildings for businesses or residences.

In this burning heat, blowing with hot air and no cool breeze, imagine if each one took it upon themselves and planted a tree or two. The shade it would provide would be amazing.

But unfortunately, society launched its war on the environment, destroying trees for commercial businesses, charcoal, and timber. It would be nice if one tree cut was replaced by three. Mother Nature would not be fighting back with a lot of heat to show that man needs to wake up and protect the environment.

Love the earth, protect it, which will lead to a beautiful future as it will protect you back.


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